Juvenile Sex Assault Lawyer James Sullivan Defends Teens in Houston Texas

Harris County Juvenile Sexual Assault Defense

Harris County Texas Board Certified Juvenile Lawyer James Sullivan frequently represents juveniles accused with committing sex offenses. Sullivan also represents accused when they are being investigated by CPS (Children's Protective Services).  He has success in both representing juveniles in court and in indirectly persuading authorities not to file charges against the juvenile suspect.  He represents juveniles and adults accused of sex offenses and other offenses in Harris, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Waller, Liberty, Chambers and Galveston counties and throughout the state of Texas.

Juvenile sex offenses are serious offenses. The consequences can be extremely serious. A convicted juvenile sex offender could be made to register as a public sex offender until age 28. The convicted juvenile could be facing years of confinement as a juvenile and possibly even later as an adult under the Determinate Sentencing laws. If old enough and the allegations serious enough, the State could even seek certification of the juvenile to be charged as an adult and transfer proceedings to criminal district court.

Houston, Texas Attorney James Sullivan is Board Certified in Juvenile Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

We cannot recommend James Sullivan highly enough. We were devastated when our 13 year old son was accused of sexually assaulting a young child. We didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. We googled juvenile attorneys and Mr. Sullivan’s name came up. We were very impressed with his credentials, especially that he was Board Certified in juvenile law. We called him on a Sunday, and he answered the phone. He had a very calming manner that immediately reassured us.
Mr. Sullivan met with us the next day, explained the process, and made a real connection with our son. Not only did Mr. Sullivan guide us through the legal situation, but he also directed us to find resources and counseling to help our son and our family. Mr. Sullivan’s advice was straight-on throughout our entire process and he led us to make the best decisions for our situation.
The counselor thought our son might have mild autism, and our son was subsequently diagnosed with it by a specialist. Mr. Sullivan is also very familiar with Autism Spectrum Disorder and his keen insight at our final hearing made a big difference.
Our son’s case began eight months ago. Mr. Sullivan said it landed in the worse juvenile court in Harris County, and he hoped the Democrats would win in November because the new judge would be fair and open minded. He told us he too had run for judge in 2010 and knew most of the Democratic candidates. Fortunately, they won.
On our recent and final court day, Mr. Sullivan was FABULOUS. When we went before the new judge, we did not have an agreement with the prosecution. The prosecution wanted our son to be placed in a lockdown juvenile facility and then be on probation until age 18. We wanted our son at home on probation.
During the hearing, Mr. Sullivan first acknowledged the horrible decision our son made and the resulting harm to the young child. He also skillfully corrected the prosecutor and made it clear the prosecutor did not know what he was talking about and was trying to minimize autism and its effect on children. Mr. Sullivan spent several minutes educating him and the judge on the difficult challenges faced by children on the spectrum. He spoke passionately from the heart, and even the judge was visibly moved. At his request, our son received one year of probation at home. Because of Mr. Sullivan, we are helping our son and rebuilding our family. We can’t thank him enough!!!!
-Thankful Parents in Harris County (Avvo review)
If your teen has been charged with a juvenile sex offense or any other juvenile offense, call Harris County Juvenile Attorney James Sullivan at 281-546-6428.